Before you start covering yourself with cologne, please stop! Women don’t like the smell of strong cologne. You won’t smell good and you certainly won’t taste good when your skin is covered in alcohol!

Since body smell and body taste are linked so closely, let’s first try to figure out why you may not smell so great. Number one reason would, of course, be sweating and physical activity. But as long as you shower regularly that shouldn’t be a problem. Intense odors may be signs of something more serious like a fungal infection, diabetes, or many other types of medical issues. If you’re experiencing extreme odors in any area, please see a doctor. Other natural things that can cause odor are anger, nervousness, sexual arousal, or strong smelling foods.

For temporary control of any odors you can try body creams after your shower or use powders (see Quick Fixes section). Also a good odor inhibitor is mint. A little mint oil in a couple places could do you a lot of good. But please don’t put too much, you don’t want to go around smelling like chewing gum. Also you will want to keep it away from your private areas, for obvious reasons.

To cure your odor long term consider a change of diet (see Nutrition & Body Taste section). Reduce your intake of stinky and spicy foods and drink plenty of water. Also if you’re a smoker, STOP SMOKING. Smoking is a leading cause of bad body taste and smell. In any case, to stop your bad body taste and body odor you are going to have to start from the inside out.


So let’s get to the reason you’re really reading this, you’re wondering how you can get your semen to taste better. Incase you’re straight and haven’t tasted your semen before (yeah right!), we’ll start with how your semen tastes. Though all men taste different and everyone’s taste changes, you can always expect something warm and salty. Beyond that it will either taste bitter, mild, or sweet. The aim is to get it to taste sweet. Eating lots of fruits, veggies and mild spices like cinnamon will give you a sweet taste. Smoking, caffeine, and alcohol will make your semen bitter and you’ll have a bad body taste. For more information on specific foods read the Nutrition and Body Taste section.

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