Nutrition & Body Taste

The types of foods that you should eat for good body taste are universal for men and women. Start by reducing your intake of spicy and stinky foods. Second be sure to drink as much water as you can. Past that you should try to incorporate some zinc (found in breakfast cereals, cashews, pecans, and other nuts), magnesium supplements, chlorophyll (found in parsley), and antibacterial herbs (sage and chamomile tea).

Most importantly stop smoking. Excess smoke and nicotine comes out through your pores, can be smelled in your breath, and even can be tasted in body secretions. The same thing can be said for alcohol and coffee. 

Below I’ve complied a list of the most common good and bad nutritional items for creating a positive body taste. If you can change your diet for good you will surely see a difference in the taste and smell of your body.