Quick Fixes

Changing your diet can take weeks to fully adjust your body taste. Though you should still watch what you’re eating, many times you can’t wait that long. You’re also sure to indulge in that spicy Mexican dinner that you love from time to time. To be honest, thats absolutely fine! For these cases there are quick fixes to help your body taste better.

We’ve complied a list of the best products to help your body taste and smell better. There are items for every part of your body and we’ve even included some great pheromone enhanced products. All of these items can be purchased through ShopinPrivate.comCheck out their free shipping, free gift, and additional privacy offers as well.

Wet Strawberry Flavored Lube

Wet Fun Flavors Seductive Strawberry is a 4-in-1 massage oil that gently warms with motion. Blow on it and it gets warmer. To turn up the heat a bit, you can place the bottle under hot water before use. Indulge yourself and your lover with the sinfully delicious flavor of sweet strawberry.

Sweetened Blow Job Gel

Rub Sweeten’d Blow Oral Pleasure Gel on your partner and lick it off for a tasty oral sex experience. It has a mild watermelon flavor, almost like a subtle jolly rancher. It’s a great choice for both the giver and receiver of oral sex.

Sweeten 69

Sweeten 69 is a supplement that men and women alike can take to improve the taste of their bodily secretions, and it takes effect quicker than an overall diet change does!


Many women, and men, enjoy having their nipples pleasured orally. Nipplicious Gel provides a great strawberry taste while you pleasure your lover or while they pleasure you!


Nice Nuggets

Nice Nuggets is a liquid powder for your testicles to stop you ball sweat before it starts. No one wants smelly balls!

Gum Jobs Teeth Covers

Gum Jobs are tasty fruity teeth covers that you can slip over your teeth before you give your partner head. Not only will it make the experience taste better for you, it’ll feel better for them since there’s no sharp teeth to worry about!

Comfortably Numb Deep Throat Spray

Comfortably Numb is a must-have for deep throat. Not only does it improve the taste with a nice minty flavor, it also numbs your throat to suppress your gag reflex.

Cherry Anal Ease

Anal Eaze serves two needs. First, it’s a great anal desensitizer or anal sex. Second, it tastes like cherries!