Since body smell and body taste are so closely related, let’s figure out why you aren’t smelling or tasting fresh. For women the most common cause of bad body taste is improper cleansing methods. Not cleaning properly also leads to self-consciousness and may prevent you from fully enjoying certain types of sex. Though regular usage can be unhealthy, you may need to use an occasional douche. If that doesn’t work, or you are experiencing extreme smells/tastes, you should see your doctor. Other natural things that can cause odor are anger, nervousness, sexual arousal, or strong smelling foods.

If you are already performing proper cleaning methods, it may just be a simple change of diet. Modifying your nutrition can change your body taste long term (see Nutrition & Body Tastesection). Reduce your intake of stinky and spicy foods and drink plenty of water. Also if you’re a smoker, STOP SMOKING. Smoking is a leading cause of bad body taste and smell. In any case, to stop your bad body taste you are going to have to start from the inside out. 

For temporary control of any odors you can try body creams after your shower or use powders (see Quick Fixes section). Also for a quick fix of body taste and smell you can try before sex body wipes and flavored lubes.

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